Look What's Happening at EPMiata.Com!

24 September 2009

We were shooting those "how-to" videos that I just posted when I took a couple of shots of the EPMiata.Com race car there at the TMD Racing World Headquarters. I'm no Ansel Adams, but fortunately my subject is nice enough to make the results presentable. See all these pictures.

New Videos from EPMiata.Com!

Great New "How To" Videos from EPMiata.Com!
21 September 2009

We have been planning on doing video segments that provide our visitors with insight into how we have built various parts of the EPMiata.Com Race Car. We'll, we've finally gotten started on this! Check out these two new videos. If you're looking for polished acting and stunning good looks, well, go ahead and adjust your expectations down a notch. But if you want to sit for a few minutes and see what Chris and Wayne have to offer then check this out! Air Intake Design and Rear-Upper Control Arm Installation Tips.


Back In Action at Sebring International!
7 June 2009

After what became a long-than-expected delay to focus on the re-construction of Wayne's flooded house it was fantastic to be back at Sebring International Raceway to compete in this Restricted Regional event. Read more and see both images and VIDEO!.


Selling Our E-Production 83 Toyota Celica and Trailer

Someone is going to be able to fast-forward their racing career through all of the heartache of finding the perfect setup and go straight to a championship-capable car. That's right, Wayne has made the difficult decision of parting with the gorgeous E-Production '83 Toyota Celica that has served us so well for so many years. Jump on this opportunity before it disappears!.


Rebuilding From Tropical Storm Fay

It is ironic that we launch this website just days after Tropical Storm Fay ravaged the east coast of Florida, dumping well over 20 inches of rain in Brevard County over the course of less than 48 hours. It is precisely this sort of meteorological misbehavior that turned the course of TMD racing and lanched this effort. Read more...


Our New (to us) Race Hauler!
30 January 2009

While the EPMiata.Com team has been blessed with good equipment in the past, we were ready to move up to a "whole 'nother level" (as they say in down here) and were looking for the right opportunity. See Full Story and All Pictures....


Performance Racing Industry Show
11-13 Deecember 2008

The response to the EPMiata.Com race car at the Performance Racing Industry trade show in Orlando, Florida was incredible! So many folks stopped by and everyone had great things to say about the car. Read more....


First Event in New Wrap
9 August 2008

Only the second event that the EPMiata has seen so we weren't setting any new course speed records. We do think that we set a record for the best-looking E-Production Miata (although we admit we are biased!) Take a look at these pictures.


First Draft Finished!
6 June 2008

What started in 2005 was finished today, 6 June 2008, or at least the first draft. The EP Miata is ready for the race track, although we are first testing with a junkyard motor. The goal is to attend a regional race at Sebring and just shake the car down good and see what kind of bugs fall out. More Pictures...


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