Just A Minor Distraction

Tropical Storm Fay Impacts EPMiata.Com! A bit wet but not washed up yet

It is ironic that we launch this website just days after Tropical Storm Fay ravaged the east coast of Florida, dumping well over 20 inches of rain in Brevard County over the course of less than 48 hours. It is precisely this sort of meteorological misbehavior that turned the course of TMD racing and lanched this effort.


Rising Above Adversity Problem Solved!

First, you have to get a little bit of background to appreciate the story. Wayne built the house you see himself, subcontracting only a few specialized services that he couldn't reasonably do himself. When Hurricane Wilma brought the flood levels well above the 100-year flood plain in 2005, it was merely an inconvenience--Wayne rebuilt and they were as good as new. Using the money he saved by doing all of the labor himself, Wayne built "Wilma", our E-Production Mazda Miata.

However, when Tropical Storm Fay came 3 years later and again brought the flood levels above the 100-year flood mark, simply rebuilding wasn't going to be adequate. Instead, the house was going to have to be raised. So, a company was contracted to lift the house 42" off the ground. A sealed, insulated crawlspace is being created underneath the house that will actually increase the efficiency of the house's heating and cooling system. The surrounding area will be filled and landscaped and flooding should no longer be a problem. Here are some more pictures...


Almost There!

16 August 2009, Pic #1 16 August 2009, Pic #2