11-13 December 2008: Performance Racing Industry Trade Show

Orlando Convention Center
Submitted to the Test of Public Scrutiny

Text and photos by Chris Myer

We were honored by the many visitors and kind words showered upon the EPMiata.Com race car. For those who many not be aware, the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show, is just what the name implies. Folks at this show know racing, and they know race cars. Of course, not everyone who goes to PRI is interested in production-style road race cars, but of those who were few walked past the car without stopping, admiring the finish work, and sharing their encouragement.

The EPMiata.Com race car was set up in the booth of long-time supporter FJO Racing Electronics. As many know, we run the FJO 341B2 in the car and couldn't be happier with the performance it provides. Both Wayne and Chris attended all three days and answered technical questions about FJO Racing Products. Corbeau was kind enough to ship over some seats for the booth so that we could occasionally "take a load off". What a welcome relief.

While it would be impossible to mention everyone who visited the booth, a few are especially noteworthy (in random order):

Advanced Racing Products (ARP) visited the site with their camera and filmed a short feature of the car. They interviewed Wayne who discussed why we use ARP bolts on every part of the car. That video was aired in the ARP booth at PRI. We hope to link to that video as soon as it is published on the ARP website.