Our First-Generation Setup--Available Now!

The Car E-Production '83 Toyota Celica!

Someone is going to be able to fast-forward their racing career through all of the heartache of finding the perfect setup and go straight to a championship-capable car. That's right, Wayne has made the difficult decision of parting with the gorgeous E-Production '83 Toyota Celica that has served us so well for so many years. Anyone who's seen this car run at Daytona, Sebring, or any of the many other venues its raced and won can attest to the fact that it is almost always the best-prepared car at any given event. You can see the impression from the pictures, but let me list some of the incredible features you won't easily see:

  • Race-prepped 22RE engine, featuring
    • 11.5:1 Compression Wiseco Pistons
    • Stock Rods, Lightened and Resized
    • Professionally-Lightened Crankshaft
    • ARP Head and Main Studs
    • 38mm Exhaust and 44mm Instake Valves
    • .490" Lift Camshaft
  • 1 5/8" Race Header
  • Custom-Bent Exhaust
  • Custom Air Intake System
  • Underdrive Pulley Set
  • FJO Engine Management EFI System and
  • FJO Distributorless Ignition System -or-
  • Mikuni 44mm Sidedraft Carburetor setup
  • Aluminum Radiator
  • 4.56, 4.30, and 4.10:1 Limited Slip Diffs

A simple list of what's available doesn't begin to do justice to the hand-crafted excellence that makes this car the work of art that it is. Nearly every conceivable body part is hand-crafted fiberglass: Front Fenders, Front Spoiler, Front Hood, Rear Hatch, Rear Bumper, Head Light Covers. These aren't something you can simply buy. We'll even throw in the molds so you can make your own if you ever need!

Many of the components are powder coated, from the valve cover to the front K-Member and the struts. Most race cars only have to pass the 50-100 rule. (If it looks good at 50 feet going 100 mph, that's good enough!) This car, on the other hand, has won first place in the Toyota Division at the Cars for Charity Car Show!

Ok, another list just to make sure we cover most of what is available:

  • 15" x 7" Panasport Wheels
  • Zero 2000 Fire System
  • Canton 3-Quart Accusump System
  • Stainless Steel Braid and AN Fittings throughout
  • Full set of gauges, including FJO Wideband!
  • Tokico Illumina Shocks
  • ATL 12 Galling Fuel Cell
  • Helmet Cooling System by Parker Pumper
  • KVR Cross-Drilled Brake Rotors
  • Porterfield Raybestos Pads

How did this work out for us? Well, the last full year that we raced the car was in 2004. The numbers pretty much say everything. In 21 starts we recorded 18 top-5 finishes. 3 poles, 4 wins. We were 4th in points in the SCCA South Atlantic Road Racign Championship (SARRC) and were the SCCA Central Florida Region Champions (!) in E Production. Overall, an extremely reliable, very competitive car.


The Trailer 22' CargoMate Eliminator (Enclosed)

This sturdy trailer has always done a great job for the team, but it is recently improved. Wayne completely retooled the inside, installing a new set of cabinets and E-Track. With the E-Production Celica inside, there is plenty of room for the additional equipment we needed for the track. Air compressor, tool boxes, spares, and more. Trailer features dual axles, a floor-mounted winch, 12vdc lighting, and more!


The Deal Complete Race-Ready Package!

Ok, here's our starting offer:
EP Celica:
Race-Ready Car Only, including all spares: $12,000
Cargo-Mate Trailer Only: $5,000
Real Deal:
Complete Race Package including Car, Trailer, and all spares: $14,000

You can bring certified funds and take is all now, no haggling. On the other hand, if your passion for the sport outweighs your financial capability, contact us with an offer. Although we feel this is a smokin' deal as-is, we'd rather see someone aggressively pursing their dream in this car (just as we did) rather than simply letting it sit idle. But act soon because someone will recognize this opportunity and be racing in it before you know it.