7 June 2009: Sebring International Speedway

Back In Action! Back on Track after Tropical Storm Fay

Text and photos by Chris Myer

Things are starting to get back to normal for TMD Racing and EPMiata.Com. The re-construction on Wayne's house is 80% completed and we can more focus on the important things in life (racing!) rather than the mundane (living in a house and not in a Fifth Wheel Trailer!

Still, the schedule precluded participation in qualification but that merely meant that this race was a pass-fest for the EPMiata. Started, 23rd, finished 4th overall (third in class), also double/triple lapped some of the slower classes. Congratulations to overall winner Ron Stanley in his smokin' fast SPU car, and to E-Production first- and second-place winners Bill Rose and David Smith.

Note that not only did we get the in-car footage, Chris went overboard in the video production department and incorporated text, sponsor logos, music, and voice-over. We're gettin' all high-falutin on ya! (Don't get too excited, this was my first ever video editing experience--cpm."

Check out our pictures

Alas, we did not have our professional team photographer Steve Robertson with us for this event so you have to live with Chris's humble still photography efforts. Find them below.

We've Got Video Too!

When you've got your speakers adjusted appropriately and the boss isn't standing nearby:

  • Click here to play highlight reel (About 4 min)
  • Click here to play longer version with Chris & Wayne's voiceover (15 min)