Sponsorship Elements: The Car

The Car

Nearly everyone loves a race car. Just sitting still they look fast and excite the viewer. There is something about a fully-prepared race car that attracts attention the way that few other things in life can.

The magnetic attraction of a race car is multiplied by several factors. First is familiarity. When the eye finds the shape familiar the brain goes to work trying to associate a name. That effect is multiplied when there is something different, something that makes this familiar shape less immediately recognized.


The legs join in, bringing the viewer as close as possible. It is at this point that the quality of workmanship becomes apparent. No, this car wasn't built to pass muster at 50 feet away and 100 miles per hour. Every inch is hand-crafted to perfection. The underside, seam-welded and powder-coated, is as beautiful as the top.

Add the sound of the engine, the scent of racing fuel, and now the ears and nose are involved. Soon the heart is pumping with the adrenaline of the event and the whole body is committed. Never will there be a better time for brand-building. This buyer has personally witnessed what awesome looks like and is immediately associating the parts as the sum of the whole experience.


Production is the name of the class of racing that starts with mass-produced sports cars and combines them with extreme modifications to the engine, suspension, braking, and safety systems. This is the soul of racing. Whether on road courses or oval tracks, production cars evoke memories of real racing: really fast, really authentic. E-Production (or EP, as it is abbreviated on the side of the car) is the fastest class of production race cars in the Sports Car Club of America, SCCA.


Key Features of the EPMiata.com Car:

  • 100% original hand-shaped fiberglass body
  • The entire chassis is powdercoated, as are many of the components
  • Carbon fiber-look wrap with eye-popping graphics
  • Custom-made upper control arms
  • Hand-turned DelrinTM suspension bushings
  • Differential oil cooling system
  • Koni 2812 MK II Coilover Shock Absorbers
  • Open cockpit design engages viewer with drive

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