Sponsorship Elements: The Team

The Team

When you build your brand with EPMiata.com, you are doing more than just increasing brand recognition. You are teaming with a partnership of organizations and individuals who are committed to the success of the team and integrity in the effort. Here's a look at the the talent and history that ensures the success of EPMiata.com.

Cyberspace Automotive Performance, Inc. (CAP) Founded by Chris Myer in 1993 as the first e-commerce website dedicated to automotive performance and one of the earliest e-commerce ventures of any type. CAP was the pioneer when there was no model to follow and there was yet to be a dot-com bubble. This simple effort has expanded into 5 different e-commerce websites serving customers internationally for 15 years.

The first expansion occurred in 1999 when CAP bought AlamoMotorsports.com and incorporated it into it's operations. Soon after, Racing-Seats-USA.com was founded, and that started a foray into very successful niche-oriented websites, including FuelPumps.Net and FastHyundai.Com. In 2006 came the opportunity to purchase CoxImports.com, a website with a strong history and an impressive database infrastructure to support it.

Currently, CAP is improving it's infrastructure to support the increased sales realized by expanded operations. Part of this expansion is necessitated by the addition of EPMiata.com and its projected success.

Chris Myer is no stranger to management and automations infrastructure. He is currently a Lieutenant Colonel and the Deputy Chief Information Officer for the Florida National Guard with 28 years of military experience. Chris is responsible for the disaster emergency communications for a National Guard whose name is synonymous with efficient, effective response to hurricanes such as the four that raced ashore in Florida 2004 alone.

Prior to founding CAP, Chris was employed within the defense contracting and communications industry in software engineering roles of progressively greater responsibility. This started upon his graduation from the University of Central Florida with his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering and culminated in his founding of CAP in 1993.

TMD Racing. Founded in 1995 as part of a lifelong dream of Wayne Paulin to become successful in professional automobile racing. TMD Racing started in the Sports Car Club of America's (SCCA) Improved Touring division. After achieving success there, TMD Racing moved on to Production Car racing, starting with a 1983 Toyota Celica. Despite the challenges of campaigning a 2-decade old sportscar, TMD Racing was able to realize the goal of being the points champion for the E-Production class in the competitive Central Florida Region. TMD Racing finished the 2004 season with 18 top-5 finishes out of 21 starts with 3 poles and 4 wins. They went on to cap the season a strong 4th in points in the South Atlantic Road Racing Championship (SARRC) series.

In addition to being the driving force behind TMD Racing, Wayne Paulin owns and operates the very successful Port St. John Auto Repair in Brevard County, Florida. After completing a tour in the Navy aboard the USS Garcia, Wayne went to work for Toyota, earning both his Mechanic Certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) as well as becoming a Toyota Diagnostic Technician. He also worked for Massari-Muller Racing, which saw him involved in race car building, dyno-tuning, and positioned as the car chief on the team's 95 Cobra-R for 3 seasons.

Chris and Wayne share more than just their passion for racing. Both have a drive for excellence and strongly value honor and integrity. Neither enters into the commitment promised by EPMiata.com lightly. Both bring the full extent of their knowledge and experience to the game. Wayne has poured his very best work and almost countless hours into the development of the EPMiata.com race car. He looks forward to extending his already well-refined driving skills to match the impressive capabilities of this car. Chris brings his technical, management, and marketing skills to bear as they seek to team with sponsors and present their brands to consumers. Neither will find the effort satisfying or acceptable unless they give 100% to ensure the success of all involved.

That's just how they roll.

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