Sponsorship Program Elements

The Car

Nearly everyone loves a race car. Just sitting still they look fast and excite the viewer. There is something about a fully-prepared race car that attracts attention the way that few other things in life can... Read More!


The Team

When you build your brand with EPMiata.com, you are doing more than just increasing brand recognition. You are teaming with a partnership of organizations and individuals who are committed to the success of the team and integrity in the effort... Read More!


The Market

The marketing approach used by EPMiata.com is especially effective because it simultaneously targets diverse demographics. The racing community, on such target audience, is very unique in that it spans such a broad range of persons and yet they have certain similarities that make them very desirable... Read More!


The Opportunity

Those who study marketing know that it takes more than a single exposure to a brand to develop an impression. It takes multiple exposures to send the message home to the reader. You can multiply the multiple-exposure effect by sending the same brand message in several formats... Read More!