Sponsorship Elements: The Market

The Market

The marketing approach used by EPMiata.com is especially effective because it simultaneously targets diverse demographics. The racing community, one such target audience, is very unique in that it spans such a broad range of persons and yet they have certain similarities that make them very desirable. Here are a few things to consider about the racer demographic. These statistics come from the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) in their 2007 survey of members

  • 57% of the membership classify themselves as one of the following: Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, Manager, Proprietor, or Self-Employed
  • 64.5% hold a college degree with nearly half that having progressed to post-graduate study.
  • 89% of SCCA's membership earns $50,000 or more. The median income is $98,500, and the average income is $105,000

Clearly, this is an affluent audience. Just as interesting is the fact that only 18% of this organization considers themselves professional racers, which means that the remainder has to make purchasing decisions about buying performance auto parts with their own funds.

This demographic does not simply read about racing and performance or watch it on TV. They live it. Nearly 60% of these will attend 3 or more race events per year, with 17% attending more than 10. Not surprisingly, their spending habits match their passion. In 2008 the membership of this organization will spend roughly $94 Million on racing accessories and equipment.

Our plan to reach to the racing community is direct. EPMiata.com plans to participate in between 16 and 20 races in the 2009 racing year. These races will be at the regional, district, and national level. It is our stated goal to be invited to both the Southeast Division Championship as well as the SCCA Runoffs (the national championship) in Topeka, KS. Invitation to these events is based on success at the divisional and national events held through the year. Although the 2009 racing schedules have not yet been posted, EPMiata.com expects to have the opportunity to race at the following venues:

  • Sebring International Raceway, Sebring, Florida
  • Daytona International Speedway, Daytona, Florida
  • Roebling Road Raceway, Bloomingdale, Georgia
  • Virginia International Speedway, Danville, Virginia
  • Moroso Motorsports Park, Palm Beach County, Florida
  • Rockingham Raceway Park, Rockingham, North Carolina
  • Road Atlanta, Braselton, Georgia

In addition to the exposure the EPMiata.Com team gets to the participants and staff at the events it attends, it will also receive extended coverage as it succeeds in its goals of winning races. Each region publishes a magazine that documents the results of the events in it's area, in addition to documenting this on their websites. For national events, we have the opportunity of catching the eye of Sportscar magazine, the publication of the SCCA. Ultimately, if invited to participate in the SCCA Runoffs in Topeka, KS, we will have the opportunity for television coverage. This event is televised annually on Speed Television, and is repeated several times.


EPMiata has the unique opportunity to approach an entirely different market however. The team has been invited to participate in the Super Lap Battle event for 2009. Super Lap Battle (SLB) is organized by the National Auto Sport Association (NASA). NASA is an organization with some similarities to SCCA, which is a welcome audience.

Super Lap Battle is a concept that finds its roots in Japan where tuning companies would build cars to square off against each other in timed solo events. Winners not only won bragging rights, their credentials as tuners were increased and their sales revenues increased with them.

Here in the United States, SLB is promoted heavily in the sport compact market by Source Interlink Media publications such as SuperStreet, Sport Compact Car, and Import Tuner. Consider the demographics of these readers:

  • 47% of Sport Compact Car readers are under 24 years of age
  • 75% of SuperStreet readers are under 24 years of age
  • 83% of Import Tuner readers are under 24 years of age

Racing in SLB '09 gives us an opportunity to parade our talent and our sponsors brand in front of the next generation of buyers. In a time when brands with historic significance are struggling to maintain relevance, SLB offers an opportunity regain that relevance with an up-and-coming market of enthusiasts.

The schedule for SLB in 2009 has not yet been published. However, there are typically qualifying events at major racetracks in the late summer; two on the east coat (Road Atlanta and Pocono North in 2008) and two on the west coast (Firebird International Raceway and Willow Springs International Raceway). The final is held on the west coast the week after SEMA. In 2008 it is being held at Buttonwillow Raceway in California.

The EPMiata.com team's challenge is to first to make the car comply with the rules (it would have to have a roof to match the silhouette of the stock car) and second to obtain an engine capable of making enough horsepower to compete in this no-holds-barred event. If those two hurdles an be overcome, EPMiata.com will compete before this next-generation audience.

You've learned about the car, met the team, and know the market. It's time to move on to The Opportunity